about the project

The elevator pitch

I am conducting an interview project with friends, people I am in community with, and people I admire about work they are doing that is generative and contributing to the creation of the world we want to live in. I believe some of the most fundamental and crucial work in creating this world is feminized or otherwise invisibilized and under-recognized as valuable labor. I also want to challenge and expand the conventional idea of “work” as what is valued under capitalism. The question I am asking everyone is, what do you see as your role and work in the current political moment? 

The more long-winded version

We all have a role to play in resistance against oppression and building a better world. Many of us who may not be full-time activists and organizers may have trouble discerning our role in this resistance, but we can all take part, especially in the era of Trump and cultural resurgence/increased visibility of white supremacy, imperialism, and fascism. 
The central question of this project is: who are you, and how does your life and work connect to resistance in this era?

I’m interested in talking to people with ranges of identities and areas of work and art, especially those who engage in reproductive labor, home-based labor, and other work that is often less valued or considered less political or meaningful in terms of resistance. These roles include but are not limited to:

  • Teachers, parents, & other care providers
  • Artists, writers, and cultural workers
  • Body workers, sex workers, & healers
  • Farmers, cooks, and kitchen witches
  • Scientists, tech workers, & other white-collar workers
  • Students and academics whose studies/work connect to liberation
  • Elders, youth, disabled folks, incarcerated folks, and others who may be less able to “take to the streets” to various reasons
  • People who experience self-care/survival as part of resistance

Our stories and life experiences are important, and do not exist in a vacuum of our individual lives. Personally, I feel connected to broader issues when I connect to individuals who share their experiences and stake in ending oppression, and feel others could benefit from this sharing as well.

This project is inspired in part by the podcast Fortification, by Standing on the Side of Love director Caitlin Breedlove, as well as my first foray into interviewing, the Home project. 

I am super open and excited about contributions and ideas about format, structure, content, and other ways that this might look and feel, for your interview and/or the project as a whole — I will be grateful for any thoughts, feelings, and/or feedback you take time to share with me via the contact form. Thank you.

xo freddie