about freddie

IMG_E8482my name is freddie.

some of the significant and informative identities i hold are: queer, trans, white, genderqueer, able-bodied, upper middle class, musician/songwriter, caregiver, healer, in recovery, friend, community member, cat dad, and virgo sun, gemini rising, scorpio moon 😉 i am based in west sonoma county, california, on occupied coastal miwok land.

some of the people and projects who inspire and influence this one include the fortification podcast by caitlin breedlove, another round with heben nigatu and tracy clayton, and my journalist parents, among others. i’m grateful to all of the participants of the project who were generous with their time and energy in their contributions. i’m also grateful to my loved ones and people i share community with who support me in doing this work by lending critically loving ears and words, and who offer their skills and knowledge.

my most recent musical project is mend, a short collection of covers recorded with my dear friend jessica white. i also upload occasional covers & original songs to my soundcloudi inconsistently keep (kept?) a blog of personal writings, my home interview project, music recommendations, and other assorted posts. my ~professional~ background is in communications and public relations, and i am currently accepting work proposals from organizations and individuals aligned with my personal and political values.

please feel free to contact me.